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Our time is YOUR time

Your accent is a badge of honor. It means you've worked hard to learn another language and start a life in a new country. It means you’re capable and well-educated. Your accent adds to your unique voice in this world. It's part of what makes you, you! Eliminating your accent entirely is not the goal. Instead, the goal is to lessen its impact when applying for jobs, public speaking, meeting with coworkers, and all other facets of your communication.

We will target making sure people don't have to work to understand you, so they can concentrate on your message. We want them to focus on what you say, not how you say it. Easy communication is achievable! I offer individual, personalized lessons to help you improve your American English pronunciation skills.

Since our time is YOUR time, you will be involved every step of the way in developing speech goals and determining practice schedules and targets. I offer two different approaches to accent modification, so we can decide what works best for your time and budget.

With my experience in shaping language production, and your knowledge of your specific needs, together we're a powerful team to work toward your communication goals.


Traditional Accent Modification

Traditional accent modification includes identifying segmental (individual consonants and vowels) and suprasegmental (rhythm, pacing, intonation) aspects of your pronunciation that differ from the American English dialect. Then, we work as a team to pick targets that have the most impact on your clarity, and address them a few at a time. We work on them for however long it takes to make a habit of using your new pronunciation skills. The more time you have to practice, the more quickly you will notice improvement. These sessions are 45 minutes in length, and always involve a special time allotment for you to bring in your most troubling situations for us to address. For example, we can be flexible, spending sessions on a presentation you're giving, specialized vocabulary for your field, or enunciation while on the phone. I will provide any materials required for this type of class. As long as you keep up with homework, you will notice marked improvement in your pronunciation as we progress through speech targets.

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NEW: PESL Methodology

I recently completed certification in the Compton PESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) method for accent modification, presented by the Institute of Language and Phonology. This is a special 13-week course that can measurably improve your accentedness by 50% or more (with proper participation). Because this course has a strict curriculum that we follow together, session lengths are prescribed at 60 minutes, and there is a one-time additional materials charge. The materials include an online profile with exercises and practice assignments that you can access anytime. In order to measure your improvement, this course begins and ends with an assessment - so you’ll be able to see your progress at course completion. Similarly to traditional accent modification methods, we will identify aspects of your pronunciation that differ from the American English dialect and address them a few at a time. The main differences in this method are the pacing, which follows a set curriculum, the proprietary materials, and the increased load of homework.

Additionally, an advantage of the PESL method is it allows for group lessons. You will still receive the benefit of a curriculum tailored to your specific needs, as well as the benefit of learning with others. I can help you get involved with a group, or you can sign up with people you already know. Classes are suitable for up to five people at a time, from similar or different native language backgrounds. Contact me if you are interested in this option.

You can learn more about the PESL method here: or